Menu Applications


Curd Burger

4 White Cheddar Cheese Curds (or you pick the flavor)
8 oz patty
Pickle relish
Leaf lettuce
Glossy hamburger bun

Curd Burger Part Deux

3 Yellow Cheddar Cheese Curds (or flavor of choice) on a pick
8 oz patty
2 pieces of bacon criss-crossed
Leaf lettuce


Chili Bowl Garnish

Your favorite Chili recipe
4 Jalapeno yellow cheddar cheese curds
2 dollops of sour cream

Tomato Soup Garnish

Tomato soup
4 garlic white cheddar cheese curds
Green onions


Garlic Cheese Curd Poutine

5 ounces French fries
7 garlic white cheddar cheese curds
Crumbled bacon
Diced green onion
White Ranch Gravy
Sriracha drizzle

Spicy Bloody Mary

Spicy bloody mary mix
3 ghost pepper white cheddar cheese curds skewered
9/11 cherrywood smoked bacon
Celery stick
3 olives picked


Skewered Bacon Cheese Curd Appetizer

1” diced slab bacon (roasted or fried)
Bacon yellow Cheddar Cheese curds
Alternate bacon and bacon cheese curd on skewer
Serve with Maple Orange Glaze